Last day

We four bedraggled Stones fans rallied in the hotel lobby mid-morning and then walked a short distance to a great breakfast near an impressive monument to service members from past wars. The monument covered the entire center of a large traffic circle and seemed an appropriate site to visit at the end of our July 4 weekend. We blamed our healthy appetites on all the second hand smoke our fellow fans had shared with us at the concert. I think you know what kind of smoke I’m referencing. After all the partying the night before, it was tough getting up, but we had an appointment to meet Eli, Josie’s darling two year old nephew, at a mini golf course. Eli and his parents, David and Kelsey, live in Indianapolis, so the meet-up was easy peasy.

Words cannot describe how well Eli [let me remind you he is two] golfs. He used the shortest handled, regulation mini-golf club (not the plastic one for little people), totally got the game, always starting at the right end and not ready to move on until he put the ball in the cup, plus …wait for it… he even got a couple of holes in one! When I got my ball in the cup he said “Yay Shay-ul” with his arms straight up in the air like I just made a touchdown. It was fun seeing David and Kelsey again and meeting Eli, who by the way, will have a little brother to coach come fall.

We had a couple hours of downtime after our two hour drive back to Cincinnati. We got organized for our 8:00 pm flight home which went like clockwork. Stick a fork in Adventure #10. We had a blast and are grateful to Josie and Murphy for being such great hosts!


2 thoughts on “Last day

  1. I loved all of Murphy’s pictures and dad called me yesterday, he seemed really excited. Sounds like you had a blast!!

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