Adventure #11 … giddy up (July 12-17)

This adventure is all about friendship. The three amigas who have joined me are: Pat from Saint Louis, now living in San Antonio; Cleone born, raised and retired in Tulsa; and Barb from Florida, now living in Baltimore. I met Cleone and Pat 40 years ago this summer at an Army mixer at Fort Lee, Virginia. Barb and I met as fellow adult education teachers in Germany along about 1987. Cleone, Pat, and Barb got acquainted through me somewhere along the line.

Destination: Mustang Monument, a 900 square mile, all-inclusive eco-resort in northeastern Nevada that was established to protect and preserve wild mustangs in the United States. Think horses, not vintage cars.

Theme song (chosen for us by Murphy): Mustang Sally.

In the event of problems with weather or the airlines, we decided to preposition ourselves in Salt Lake City for the drive to the ranch tomorrow. Pat, Cleone and I arrived well before noon and Barb flew in around 4:30. We’ve taken a hotel near the airport and are just hanging out until time for bed.

Jen, Cyd’s daughter who lives near here at Hill Air Force Base, came to spend the evening with us and surprised us by bringing along Maverick, her darling three month old, whom none of us had met before. What a charmer!

We all went to bed in our special theme nightshirts that say Fifty Shaded of Hay and have a sassy, mare dressed in a snappy nightgown.


2 thoughts on “Adventure #11 … giddy up (July 12-17)

  1. So fun!!!!

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