A full day in Indianapolis

Matt and Murphy told Dan he would get a special, belated Father’s Day gift during our visit and assured him he couldn’t guess what it was if he had until Xmas … and boy were they right! Tickets to see the Rolling Stones with Rascals Flats as the opening act and fireworks at the end. No really, who would have guessed? Since the concert was in Indianapolis, a two hour drive, we got ourselves organized after a light al fresco breakfast and headed west.

First stop: Indianapolis Museum of Art for a special Dream Cars exhibition showcasing a couple dozen rare old cars as well as prototypes. We had headsets to walk us through the unique features. One car had a steering wheel situated in the center of the dash, for example; another one had a rear camera; a few had no doors; a couple had road sensors; one was made of cloth; some had hoods as long as rockets while others had rear ends that went on forever; one had three wheels; and a couple had plexiglass roofs. We were all surprised at how much we enjoyed it.

We were checked into our downtown hotel by 4:00 with an hour of downtime before a pre-concert dinner at 5:00. Then off to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway for the concert. We took our first Uber ride ever and were dropped off a short walk from the entrance. First order of business was to buy t-shirts before we walked around to find a few unoccupied square feet to lay out our newly purchased (thank you Josie) Stones blanket and settle in for our first rock concert in longer than we could remember. Rascal Flats sounded great and performed with a lot of enthusiasm, but the crowd of about 100,000 was clearly there for the Stones who came on at 9:30 and played for more than two hours. The weather was perfect, the music great, and the whole belated Father Day and 4th of July a roaring success!


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