Saturday … last day to play

After our relaxed breakfast of toast and coffee, we set out to see Dan’s last requests. First stop was the Air Force housing area where Dan and Jane lived. The area was privatized years ago which means all the houses now have tall walls around them as is the custom here. We saw their school and they enjoyed pointing out where friends lived. The area used to be in a totally undeveloped side of town next to cotton fields but is now all built up and unrecognizable to Dan. Jane remembered that gypsies came to harvest the cotton. When the harvest was getting close the military families were told not to leave clothes on the clothes line or they would disappear.

Next we were off to see more sites, but first a stop for churros and hot chocolate. Think delicious brownie in a cup. In no particular order, we walked narrow streets, visited the river front with its generous pedestrian area which was near, by Jane’s design, the bull ring which dates back to the mid 1700s. The very same bull ring where Dan and I attended fights the last time we were in Seville … another story altogether. Anyway, the t word was uttered so, of course, I was on board with waiting the 20 minutes. The tour took us inside to see the ring, the chapel, the stables, and a small museum. The whole complex was meticulous and freshly painted, no doubt in part because the season was just starting, We also visited the cathedral which is breathtaking with all the gold and silver. Interestingly it was built as a mosque in the late 1100s and consecrated as a cathedral in 1248. Construction, renovations, etc. in the last 500 years have it looking the way it does today, which is stunning. The tomb of Christopher Columbus is inside. Our last stop was the Basilica of the Macarena which boasts the most revered image in all of Seville–the Virgin of Hope, or La Macarena, the patron saint of bull fighters and a favorite of gypsies. She is wearing magnificent brocade robes and has a huge ‘halo’ made of what looks like gold. Stunning!

In contrast to the old, we visited the highly controversial and ultra modern Metropol Parasol which is an undulating walkway on top of what look like mushrooms. A tiny bit Gaudi-esque. It gave us great roof-top views of the city landmarks and was undeniably in contract to all the traditional architecture it was nestled in and near.

We had dinner at home. Jane had prepared a potato tortilla, which is a sort of potato fritatta, before we left to see the sights. We had that with the exorbitantly priced ham, sliced razor thin, I mentioned previously (which is amazing), huge white asparagus, marinated carrots, and pork loin. It was all delicious and made for a wonderful farewell dinner.

This has been a walk down memory lane for two best friends from back in the 60s. Fun to hear Dan’s and Jane’s stories, walk the streets, and see Dan’s favorite places. Although he was only a kid at the time (8th-11th grades), Seville holds so many happy memories for him and his family. It’s been a great end to our trip.

Once summer sets in, it will be extremely hot here, but now is perfect with the rains over, flowers in bloom, and soft breezes. Jane and Salva’s home is in the suburbs in a quiet neighborhood. It seems like being at a small boutique hotel with the second floor all to ourselves.


2 thoughts on “Saturday … last day to play

  1. So fun, what a great trip down memory lane for dad!!!!

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  2. Schele, your blogs are amazing and such a gift to your fortunate readers! Thank you for taking the time and effort to share the history, sights and tastes of your adventures!


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