This is the life! We did not come down until after nine this morning. Salva had made a bread run and had two warm loaves waiting for us. That with butter and jam + coffee and juice was our breakfast.

Around noon we made our way to the subway for the quick ride downtown. Jane was a terrific tour guide and explained all the wonderful things we saw, a lot of which was heavily influenced by the Moors (from Morocco) when they invaded and ruled the area. Other landmarks, built for the Worlds Fair in the 1920s, had a totally different look. No matter what we were looking at, tile, plaster, and intricately carved wood figured predominately and had a dazzlingly effect.

We took a break for an el fresco lunch and later had tea at a beautiful hotel. Jane stopped on the way home to buy some Iberian ham which is an ultra expensive delicacy that is sliced paper thin with a special knife. We will save it for tomorrow since we are still full from our fancy tea.

I have fallen in love with the carriage horses here. They have Arabian blood and prance gracefully … seemingly with pride in doing such a good job.

We got home just before nine, about a half hour before sunset, mellow from the fun day.


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