Off to Seville

A couple of juicy tidbits before we leave Catalonia:

Leni, please tell George he is not only famous in the UK (the prince being his namesake and all), he is The Man here also. Along with the Virgin of Monserrat, Saint George is the patron saint of Catalonia.

Murphy, your birthday is celebrated in Catalonia in a Big Way; it is the Day of the Book as well as the Day of the Rose. Seems Saint George turned the blood of a dragon he had just slain into a rose (on April 23rd), so it has become the day of love.

Anyway, we headed to the airport around eight this morning for our 90 minute flight. Uneventful less the unexplained clapping when we landed. The sky was clear and the wind low so no reason I could tell for the spontaneous burst of enthusiasm. We went from the northeast, near France, to the southwest, near Portugal…from Catalonia to Andalusia. It has been 25 years since we visited here last and 16 since we last saw Jane.

Salva and Jane met us at the airport and whisked us off to their home which Salva, an architect, designed and had built 31 years ago. Jane had a delicious baked chicken lunch waiting for us. We spent the afternoon catching up and then took the subway into town for a mini walking tour which was wonderful and a great walk down memory lane for Dan. Home for a late (9:45) dinner.


4 thoughts on “Off to Seville

  1. Where is my fun fact? Do the worship Saint Matt? Do they sacrifice a bull on 8/31 for good luck? LOL

    So cool you get to see Jane (the other woman ☺) again. I am sure the tour was great. Leni and I were talking about how fun you’re your blogs are and all we need is for you to get an IPhone so you can post pictures on your Sheele&Tell Photo stream!

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      1. Matt: the best I could do …and Jane came up with it actually… is your Dad’s old school is now named Los Augustinos in honor of everyone born in August. You deserve better than that and by golly you’ll get it. One day.


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