Home on Mothers Day

Sunday was one of those long but perfect travel days when everything goes like clockwork and you decide long distance travel is actually quite easy. Exhausting maybe, but easy. Up at 5:30 for the quick, no traffic ride to the airport. The hour and a half flight to Barcelona on Vueling Airlines was on time and uneventful. We claimed our bags and checked in with Lufthansa for our hour and 45 minute flight to Munich which was, of course, smooth. We had just enough time to find our connecting flight and board for the seven and a half hours remaining of the trip. Boom! We got home 21 hours after we woke up. ALL that distance in 21 hours. Amazing really.

Random comment #1: We loved how Salve used the word delicious. When speaking of the hot weather in Key West in July, he said, “Once I got acclimated, it was delicious.” He loves potato tortilla and said it is delicious. Hitting a golf ball just right is delicious also. 🙂

Random comment #2: Spanish Spanish in contrast to Central and South American Spanish sounds a bit like one has a lisp (as in: lithp). Zero = the-ro. Espagne = Ethpanya. Sometimes it made us giggle.

Random fact #3: Pepper shakers are not on the table. Salt yes, pepper no.

Random fact #4: It has to be white asparagus season because we had it as part of three meals on board Lufthansa. We like it thank heaven, so it was a treat. It never sees the light of day (hence the lack of color) and is very tender even when the stalks are thick.

I arrived home to what else but a Mothers Day package waiting from Matt & Emily and Murphy & Josie + text messages and voice-mails! Dan had a totally funny card for me that he had surprised me with earlier in the day. It had to do with three sun bathing/baking potatoes–a mom and two kids. The mom warned the kids to stick themselves with a fork so they wouldn’t explode.

Stick a fork in a terrific Adventure #7.


3 thoughts on “Home on Mothers Day

  1. You are the best traveller! Not one complaint about 21 hours to get home! Sounds like a fabulous time! I love the random facts! 🙂


    1. WOW! I am just getting caught up on all of your travels. What a great trip. Your blogs are amazing and always makes me long for a trip!


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