On my own for the duration

Dan’s official activities began at noon with a golf outing and will go through cocktails and dinner tonight and meetings until 3:30 tomorrow. So, how to spend the time on my own? On a whim I went to check out the 30,000 square foot spa!!! A small aircraft carrier could fit in there I tell ya. They had me at ‘purchase a treatment and use the facilities all day.’ I booked a 4:00 massage but spent the entire afternoon reading, lunching, and sipping on flavored water and green tea out by a huge warm pool. I popped into the hot tub a couple times too. Massage was great; I now smell like mangos. A delicious salmon dinner for dinner in the room with the leftover wine from last night and another pat of seahorse shapped butter. Overlooking the water needless to say.


3 thoughts on “On my own for the duration

  1. So glad you are having a lovely time..I sure Dan is being his wonderful self! Gotta love that guy!
    Terry here safe & sound…we have until Sun. And already talked more than we have in a lifetime Schele!


  2. So fun, I love spa days!

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