Lap of luxury

Did I mention the turn down service? Two totally chipper ladies came to freshen our untouched room by putting little cotton mats the size and texture of very large placemats on each side of the bed. I guess so our bare, finely pumiced (from walks on the beach) feet wouldn’t have to touch the beautiful carpet. We thought the Ponte Vedra monogrammed slippers in the closet were for that purpose, but I guess they are not taking any chances with our persnicketiness. Four mints were left on the bed, each in it’s own wax paper sleeve, tucked into a mini-envelope with the name of the resort printed on it.

After dinner we plumped our pillows, figured out the TV, and watched the championship game. A first for me. Having heard Coach K speak once, I was for his team and Dan was for the other guys. I slept through the 2nd half waking just in time for Duke to seal the deal.

I rolled over this morning just about the time I would ordinarily be getting to work, made coffee in the mini-pot in the kitchenette side of the room, and sat outside to greet the day. I was way too late for sunrise but the sun was still low on the horizon and beautiful so close to the water. In room dining (the term ‘room service’ won’t do) was our choice for breakfast. The delivery person set us up on the corner table with a table cloth on top of a table cloth (get out), monogrammed coasters, seahorse-shaped butter, and a view of the beach. All enjoyed in the comfort of our monogrammed robes. Stop it!


6 thoughts on “Lap of luxury

  1. Maybe you can get turn down service at home? When did you hear coach K speak? Way to pick the winning team mom ☺.

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    1. Matt: Coach K is a huge champion of the teamwork ideals of the military and does loads of outreach in support of the military. He received AUSA ‘s (the Army’s professional association) highest award a year or so ago, and we attended the dinner.


  2. I want some of the seahorse shaped butter! Sounds like a great place. What a great way to kick off the retirement!


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