Easter in Florida … 2nd stop

We had a yummy breakfast and enjoyed parting conversations with our fellow guests: A San Diego couple celebrating their 3rd anniversary, North Carolinian retirees driving home from a chaotic (think spring break) grandchild’s birthday celebration @ Disney, a couple from Nashville on a quick getaway, and a couple from Florida just getting out of town for the weekend. He’s  from the French speaking part of Belgium so every word he uttered was irresistible.

Being a lady of leisure and all, combined with having no particular place to be, I’m staying on in Florida with Dan to while away my time when he attends a conference at Ponte Vedra Inn & Club in none other than Ponte Vedra, just east of Jacksonville, right on the ocean fronting a deep white-sand beach. Yawn…stretch…grin.

To get here we drove the length of Amelia island, a whopping  13 miles from our B&B. My favorite thing is the moss drapped Gone with the Wind trees. There are not loads of them like further north, but what’s here are old, huge, and beautiful. We passed a few resorts which were in contrast to the huge old homes in the downtown area, a few of which were made of some sort of concrete made with sea shells back in the day. Kind of ugly in their way, but interesting and perfect for the salt air.

Our exit off the island was via a two minute car ferry ride. Lunch was fresh sea food at a crab shack sort of place. We ate on the deck looking out at the ocean. Dan and I have to reconsider tattoos. They are the rage here, especially on the legs. We got to the resort in time for a two-hour walk on the beach where Dan hunted vigilantly for sea glass, just like he had done on Amelia Island, and again found none.

Dinner was room service…a mega club sandwich and wine…which we enjoyed on our deck overlooking the water. If I a) had a smart phone and b) could download pictures, I could make you wish they were married to Dan so you could tag along.


3 thoughts on “Easter in Florida … 2nd stop

  1. Sounds lovely!! I am Dan’s one and only sister!! Does that count to join you? Hehe! I ALSO wish you were able to take pictures!
    Love you sistah!


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