Last Day (May 3, 2019)

Dan’s meetings concluded at close of business yesterday, so today was his free day. Our feet did not hit the floor until 11:30, so you could more aptly say it was his free half day. All the more reason to be impressed that we managed 13,393 steps in the small amount of time we had.

Dan had barely seen the light of day, so his choice was to just head out and see what we ran across. We walked through town and ended up in the old area (Le Suquet) where we randomly chose a corner restaurant for lunch. We sat in the sun and had a nice meal at a minuscule table. The table was so small, in fact, that there was a little gizmo that gripped the table but hung out over the edge. This is where the bread basket was situated. Just as we were finishing our meal, along strolled Rich and Robin who were out enjoying their last day also. They joined us for a drink and then we went our own way to explore some more.

The only thing we came across of interest before heading back to the hotel along the walkway at the water’s edge was the Villa Rothschild, built in 1881, which used to be a lovely home and garden and is now a multimedia library and beautiful garden. It had to have had an amazing view of the water back in the day, but with the construction of the last decades, not so much.

No trip to a foreign country is complete until we walk the aisles of a local grocery. We stumbled across one and went aisle by aisle choosing cookies, chocolate, and jams. It was fun to see the locals come in and out, some dressed like runway models and others like they were in Key West. Something we have never seen before was a squeeze-your-own fresh OJ machine. After choosing the size bottle you want, you situate it so it captures the juice that comes drizzling out of fresh oranges loaded into the press from the top. Very clever.

We stopped on the way back to the hotel to check out a few pretty murals, enjoy the hand prints on the grounds of the film festival venue, browse a small gift shop, check out a human statue dressed and painted all in gold, and people watch.

It was dinner time when we got back, so we grabbed a quick, overpriced bite and drinks at the bar and headed to the room to pack and get to bed as early as possible.


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