Lazy Day (May 2, 2019)

I’ve never been anywhere where I have seen so many fashion forward dressers: men, women, and children. A little girl maybe five years old came whizzing into the hotel lobby this morning on her foot-powered scooter sporting sneakers, a white sweater dress, and an across-the-body mini handbag. So cute. Walking is a great way to casually take in all the distinctive styles. An elderly lady using a walker was wearing pearls, a calf length dress, and a sporty top tied in a knot below the waist. All this with rouged cheeks and a French twist. Men in plaid; a woman in bedazzled silver boots; dogs in shoulder totes; a lady in a black lace shorts outfit, boots, and an ankle length sweater; a glossy silver bomber jacket with silver shorts and black ankle boots. Men are not afraid of color here. Royal blue shoes with yellow slacks and a geometric patterned shirt or Capri length green pants with a t-shirt and vest are run of the mill.  I always wondered who bought some of the stuff I’ve seen in magazines. Now I know.

Cars are a thing here also. It’s easy to spot a Rolls parked next to a Bentley, a couple of  Porsches, and a Jaguar with a BMW or Audi sprinkled in. I’ve seen lots of Minis and a few Smart cars also. The cars, yachts, and beautiful clothes shout money to spare!

With only 11,071 steps and 1 flight of stairs today, it’s no secret I was a bit of a slug. I managed to make it to breakfast by 9:30 where I easily lingered for an hour and a half enjoying the company of Jen and Steve (in from California) and Kate (New Mexico). I only see them at this event, so it was fun to catch up. I went rogue and had poached eggs and avocado.

My only exercise involved joining Robin on a walk to the one Starbucks in town, so she could buy a Cannes mug. We were all business less a short stop at a small outdoor market. Otherwise I caught up on the blog and photo stream, read my book, and enjoyed a pot of tea. Getting to and from dinner at Table 22 in the old part of town involved a bit of walking also. Thank goodness because I had wine, a salad, bread, risotto, and a strawberry millefeuille to walk off. It might have been the best bread of the trip … and that is saying a lot.

Lights out at 11:00.


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