Back to reality

We reluctantly rolled out of bed knowing it was our last wake-up in this beautiful setting. After the usual huge breakfast Barb headed out to ride with Paige, Pat got organized to leave, and Cleone and I hayed the horses one last time. This time was a little different: the horses were all friskier and noisier for one thing. For the first time three colts approached. They would not eat out of our hands but came within a couple arm lengths. A small group of mustangs that had recently been rescued from San Diego stayed in the background as did a small group of mostly all white ones. We saw an albino too.

Noon was take off time, so we hurried back to throw things in our suitcases, say our goodbyes, and hit the road for the three hour drive to Salt Lake.

Lucky for us we had one last treat in store. My niece, Jennifer (Cyd’s daughter), lives at Hill Air Force Base, just north of Salt Lake City, with her husband and three cute-as-a-fricken-button children. They invited us all for dinner, so we had a really fun last evening together in the company of her family and Cyd, who is visiting from Arkansas, and Dan, who flew in just ahead of our arrival.


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