Last day in heaven

After we got done taking pictures of our cute, old selves this morning, Pat and I made the other two pledge to never ever go out without underwear no matter the circumstances. Once that was settled we enjoyed a full-on alfresco breakfast before heading back to the ranch. While breakfast was being set up, we watched two groups of horses trot up a nearby mountain. Dust trails are the dead giveaway that a group is on the move, so we’ve been in the habit of looking for that clue. We can easily spot them if they are not moving also … as long as they are close enough.

The ride back to the ranch was beautiful. We got back in time to clean up, shop the gift shop, and get organized for an alfresco lunch of quail, my first ever. Chef Dave made it with a no-soy type of soy sauce, which was spectacular, and served it on a bed of arugula. We had been such enthusiastic foodies and eager eaters that Chef Dave invited us all to come back ahead of the evening meal for a cooking demonstration.

Barb used some of our free time in the afternoon to take a real ride. By real ride I mean one unencumbered by the three of who don’t like to move faster than a brisk walk. She rode with two of the horse wranglers and had a blast. Pat napped, I caught up on the blog, and Cleone posted pictures and got friendly with the Swiss couple who had just arrived.

Around 6:30 we all went to Chef Dave’s cooking demonstration. He poached shrimp, walked us through smashed potatoes, made hot bacon dressing right before our eyes, introduced us to the Middle Eastern spice zahtar, and showed us how to cook a steak with the poele method where you ladle hot, melted butter over the steak constantly. Little did we know the steaks we devoured the first night had been prepared this way.  We enjoyed homemade pizza squares and white wine while we watched.

We were excused to the saloon for cocktails and the shrimp he had poached while Chef Dave prepared our evening meal which, as usual, divine. After dinner Nix showed us a video of our trip. This fun surprise made us laugh laugh. The evening concluded out by the fire with Viktor on the guitar and more dancing and singing by Joe who was wearing beautiful clothing and a headdress made with porcupine quills.

We all headed to bed talking about how fast the time had passed and our reluctance to leave.


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