So this is what all the fuss is about

The drive to Volterra was just breathtaking! Although we only ascended 1,000 feet, we have entered a new world. Cooler for one even with full sun. Rolling green hills with beautiful fields,  small farms, stuccos buildings with tile roofs, and groves. The rape (canola) fields were a beautiful, bright yellow. Pine nuts trees, my local favorite, were everywhere. Very Switzerland in its way. Such a contrast to the absolute power that Rome was designed to convey with it massive scale and grandiosity.

Volterra is a small city in Tuscany and was one of  12 major Etruscan centers. In its heyday it was much bigger than its current 11,000. More details on the Etruscans after the guide fills our heads tomorrow, but for starters I do know they predated the Romans and had a very sophisticated culture that was copied in many ways by the Romans later.

Our hotel, in a 16th century building, has an amazing view of a valley and is down a hill too narrow for the bus to turn around. So we were dropped at the top of the hill and walked down dragging our luggage. The room keys are very Old  Hollywood … large, metal, embossed. They are to Be left at the desk when we are out … a practice we find odd for security reasons.

The whole group met in the lobby at 7:00 for the short walk Back Up the Hill to a four course meal. This is the life!


2 thoughts on “So this is what all the fuss is about

  1. Tuscany!! My dream on my bucket list! So very happy you all are having an amazing trip! Schele…love you are so enjoying “this life”. Will attempt to tell Ella about how wonderful your trip is going! When I see you all in May I have sooo many questions!


  2. You did a great job of describing the beauty. I hope Murphy posts pictures to go with this. Can’t wait! 🙂


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