Dinner was amazing

We were all so appreciative of the walk from the town center to our hotel after our amazing four course meal. The starter was comprised of a small bowl of an ancient grain with a cheese sauce and small slices of pear. Odd sounding but amazing. With that was a piece of toast with fried dark cabbage of some sort which, again, sounds odd but was the table’s favorite. Add to that some local meat and cheese. All of this before the to-die-for pasta course which had tiny bits of wonderful (read: from a special breed of cow) ground beef in it. We all Loved it but did not clean our plates, less Murphy, because we knew pork shank was coming. We intended to nibble but basically cleaned our plates it was so delicious. Greens and roasted potatoes were on the side. Dessert was a simple apple tart that I managed to resist. Throw in local wine and bottled water and we all left more than satisfied!

It’s 11 so time to floss and call it a day.


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