Adventure #5 coming right up … (April 11-20)

Italy here we come! Dan and I are all checked in and ready for our 5 pm flight to Rome where we will meet Murphy, Josie, Matt, and Emily. The six of us are booked on a 9-day Rick Steves’ Rome to Florence tour that begins tomorrow night. It’s Murf and Josie’s turn to choose the family trip this year and it seems they’ve come up with a winner.

M&Em and M&J added a little pre-tour of their own … a couple days in Venice. They will take a train to Rome tomorrow.



2 thoughts on “Adventure #5 coming right up … (April 11-20)

  1. I can’t wait for you two to join them! Looks like they have had a fabulous time in Venice! I am looking forward to your notes to go along with pictures!! Safe travels! Love you both tons! P.s. Good visit with Terry.


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