At Sea (October 2, 2022)

We successfully found an array of excuses to avoid packing. Knowing that our suitcases have to be out in the hall by 10:00 PM should have motivated us to get an early start, but sadly no.

Dan and I weighed in to find out the astonishing amount of weight we had lost by skipping one meal a day. Apparently we made up the calories at the other two meals, because we did not lose an ounce. Mission not accomplished!

The seas were a little rough, so most of us turned to Dramamine, so we could enjoy our last lazy day on the water. It passed quickly as we saw to last minute admin details, napped, walked, scarfed tea and scones, tossed spare change into the slots, and reluctantly crammed dirty clothes, blueberry jam, maple syrup, and lobster rolls (not!) into our suitcases.

Cyd and Ricky are assigned to a different dining room than the rest of us. We can eat in their dining room but they can’t eat in ours, so we have been having a series of double and triple dates. Two couples in each dining room or three in one and one in the other. We broke with tradition tonight and met for cocktails in a quiet corner near the buffet, scrapped fine dining altogether, and ate as a group at the buffet. Dan and I pushed tables together in a quiet corner around 4:30; the others joined us for cocktails at 5:00; and we proceeded to have a blast of a final night. Dan kicked things off by announcing the prize recipients from our series of challenges. Walter took first place by getting a whopping 50 answers correct; Ron was next with 43; and Cyd barely beat the rest of us out for the booby prize with 25 correct responses. Each in turn came forward to have their picture taken and to receive their prize.

After dinner Cleone introduced us to the fun game I Should Have Known That. We took turns reading random question off cards we drew from a box. Questions that we kinda felt we should know the answers to but might or might not be able to remember. Did that gal win a Nobel or Pulitzer? Is that the old capital of the Philippines or the new one? What movie was she in? Did WW I end in 1918 or 1919? How many provinces does Canada have? How many months of the year have 31 days? I know it’s up there somewhere, but can I yell it out before the others? We skipped tonight’s entertainment and entertained ourselves with the game. Cleone did not keep score or award prizes.

Although the cruise did not go as planned, we all had a good time in spite of the cool, wet weather and cancelled ports. As we scatter with the winds tomorrow the devastating losses and massive suffering of so many of our fellow Americans and Canadian neighbors will put our mini-disappointments in total perspective.


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