La Coruna, Spain (April 25, 2022)

Hopefully Aunt Jerry is having a blessed day because we lit candles for her all over town. Small, stone churches are tucked in every corner, so we popped in to look around and light candles. The churches are all small by comparison with the pilgrimage church in Santiago, but just as lovely in their simplicity.

The ship docked right downtown! Rare, but far and away my favorite. La Coruña has been a port and gateway to world travelers for over 2000 years. In spite of all the history, customs, and culture that could have been awaiting us, we decided to take a day off. We slept as late as we could and then roamed around the dock area. Sleeping until 11:15, admittedly, left us with limited time to explore, but it was enough and made for a relaxing day. Beautifully maintained buildings, clean paved-with-stone streets, an oceanfront walk, and seaside parks made a favorable impression. Dan was in his element when we found a grocery store.

As has become our habit, we were in The Retreat for tea at 3:30. The draw for me is smothering beyond recognition one scone with clotted cream and jam. Other treats are on offer, but I’ve stuck to one scone. Dan, per usual, started with a scone and then sampled the other delights. From tea we went to the top deck to enjoy our sail-away. We crept out of the beautiful harbor past an old fort with the Tower of Hercules, a still-working lighthouse built in the 1st century, in the distance.

Dinner: I won the Rich Dinner Award tonight wolfing down pate followed by short ribs followed by coconut cremeux. Yum!

Entertainment: The Celebrity Singers and Dancers

Weather: 56 degrees and partly sunny. A stroke of luck we were told since this area has precipitation 200 days out of the year.


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