A Day at Sea (April 22, 2022)

We do love ourselves a day at sea, especially when jet lag is in the mix. We slept right through breakfast as a matter of fact, whiled away the afternoon doing nothing of consequence, like exercise for example, and then met for cocktails at 5:00.

We are settled comfortably in our sky suite which is part of what Celebrity considers The Retreat. A few yummy perks come with The Retreat: suite-guests-only lounges, one indoor and one out; a small dining room with foo foo food, amuse bouches, and sorbet to cleanse our delicate little pallets; concierge service; butler service; afternoon tea; in-room snacks; fresh flowers, and an upgraded beverage package. Thank you Hettie for making all these arrangements.

Tonight was one of two ’evening chic’ nights which translates into jackets and ties for the guys and a little bling for us gals. I volunteered to take the lead on table talk, which is just a fun habit we’ve gotten into. I chose the questionnaire that Murphy and Josie turned me onto from the book Tribe of Mentors. Over dinner we shared 1) why our favorite books are our favorites, 2) a recent $100 purchase that has effected our lives in a positive way, and 3) a failure that led to a positive outcome. In light of Dan’s impending retirement this summer we brought a little Agility swag bag for Hettie and Ronnie and they surprised us with a digital luggage scale. Our little gift exchange was part of dinner too.

Entertainment: the Celebrity Singers and Dancers did a feel-good concert with a lot of upbeat singing, dancing, and courageous aerial acts.

Weather: 56 and cloudy

Mask policy: The crew and staff wear masks all the time in public areas. Masks are optional for passengers but a must if the host country requires them. Dan and I have ours with us at all times and plan to use them in high traffic areas.

We set our clocks ahead an hour and called it a day around 11:00 excited to put our feet on Spanish soil tomorrow.


One thought on “A Day at Sea (April 22, 2022)

  1. I love that you got to sleep in and you know I LOVE “at sea” days. Also looks like you are getting some good perks with your room. Just looked at the pictures—so fun.

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