Another day at sea (November 3, 2021)

You know you’re in a cruise fog when you’re scurrying to get ready for dinner while commenting on how busy the day was! That’s the condition all of us seem to be in. With absolutely NOTHING TO DO we found ourselves late for cocktails at 5:00.

Our morning began with Dan off to walk the deck and me racing to the 10:00 lecture on crocodilians (crocodiles, alligators, caiman). I allowed just enough time to grab three pastries and a cappuccino at the coffee cafe. 😉 Priorities!

Anyway, Brent had us captivated with fun facts and his amazing photos of these ancient creatures. Who knew, for example, that these powerful creatures are such caring, gentle, attentive parents? Not I. Their babies are nurtured for a year and grow about an inch a month. On average they lose a tooth every nine days for a grand total of about 2,000 lost teeth in a 60-90 year lifetime. (They grow back.) Here’s a news flash: the sex of the babies is determined by egg temperature which is determined by the eggs’ locations in the nest. Courting season is just ending now, so females will be laying their eggs anytime. By the end of the lecture we all had a greater respect for these creatures that have managed to hang around for 37 million years! BTW, if you want to know if you are looking a croc or an alligator in the face, check out the teeth and the shape of the jaw. They are dead (no pun intended) giveaways.

Speaking of wildlife, masked and brown boobies plus frigate birds flew close to the ship most of the day hoping to take advantage of whatever treats we might be stirring up in the water.

Anyway, we had just enough time after the lecture to grab a multi-course lunch before heading back to the theatre for a matinee performance by two powerful, energetic vocalists from the Celebrity singers and dancers. From the concert we zipped off to a $10 flash sale before scrambling to get ready for cocktails.

Want to play along? Tonight’s contest questions:
1) When oak trees produce an unusually large number of acorns, it’s called
a) Rigging
b) Masting
2)Which month is the riskiest to drive?
a) September
b) July
3) This group tends to be undercounted in the decennial census.
a) Young children
b) College students

Tonights entertainment: the music of Frankie Vali and the Four Seasons performed by December ’63.

For what it’s worth…..

We are sailing at half capacity with 1,100 guests aboard.

All crew members wear masks when at work and have not been allowed to leave the ship when we are in port.

Contest answers: b, a, a


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