Sea Day (August 15, 2019)

Seas were calm as we inched the 556 nautical miles to the next port. The day flew by in large part because we didn’t roll out of bed until 11:00. On the upside, we’re finally feeling as if we’ve gotten ahead of the jet lag.

Our first meal of the day was a light lunch at the al fresco healthy buffet. It was followed immediately by a minute steak and fries for Dan at the every-man, fun buffet. We pushed away from the table in time for the Fly Boys’ terrific encore afternoon performance. Their take on Beyoncé, Pharrell, Sinatra, and the Jungle Book were high energy and fun! We zipped off to tea from there for another scone smothered in strawberry jam and clotted cream which pretty much lead up to cocktails in a large lounge in the front of the ship overlooking the water.

It was dressy night in the dining room, so we spent a little longer primping before heading to the dining room for dinner. The cruise buddies arranged a 50th anniversary celebration with a cute little anniversary cake for each of us. The waitstaff even sang happy anniversary. Tonight’s table topic was why each of us thought we’d managed to stay married for 50 years. Walter’s seating arrangement placed Dan and me at opposite ends of the table.

From dinner we went to the Broadway-themed cabaret show and stayed on for Steve Womack’s funny encore performance at 10:30.

After our low-key, food- and entertainment-centered day, we flopped into bed with full stomachs and a new resolve to get ahead of our food addictions.





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