The long way home (March 25-26, 2018)

Before we left home we got an alert from TAP airline saying they were changing their early morning fight to Lisbon to an afternoon flight as of TODAY apparently, which means there was no way we could get there in time to make our connection. Long story short, while the rest of the group rallied in the lobby at 3:30 this morning, no doubt wondering why they had bothered to go to bed at all, we snoozed comfortably in our bed. We managed to make it to breakfast by 9:00 and then Dan decided to make the most of his few remaining hours in country and WENT SHOPPING! I stayed behind to work on the blog knowing full well he could manage on his own. He returned twenty minutes before time to head to the airport with ANOTHER rug (a runner that matches the large rug) and a huge bowl! We were already maxed out on our carry-on and checked bags, so what to do? He crammed the new runner in the extra duffel Barb had bought here in Morocco and left with us to take home for her (we were one checked bag short) and decided to take his chances with three carry-ons: the big rug, bowl, and his backpack.

We got to the airport three+ hours before flight time and were glad for the extra time. Chaos reigned in that we couldn’t find where to check in; we had no idea we needed to fill out a form in order to leave the country; passports were checked three times, and we had to queue up for two luggage scanners. All the while wrestling two large suitcases, two backpacks, three duffles, a big bowl, and a 6’ x 9’ rug. What are we…..crazy? Even with a luggage cart we looked like we were filming a what-not-to-do public service clip.

Once in the air it was a quick one hour to Lisbon. Then the luggage juggle resumed as we went through immigration, got our luggage, took a cab to the closest Holiday Inn, and eventually hauled our bedraggled collection of new treasures and dirty clothes to our room. After a shared sandwich in the lobby bar we headed to bed. Up at 6:30. Cab to the airport at 7:30. Flight at 10:30 after an exhaustive search for the United check-in desk; multiple passport and security checks; and a successful breakfast feast made up entirely of the Portuguese pastries I love so much. We connected through Newark, so we had to do the luggage dance one final time before rechecking our bags and flying on to National Airport.

Cyd, who was laying over for a couple days, and Dan’s sister, Deb, who had been house sitting for us, met us at the airport and took us home to a delicious home-cooked meal. The perfect end to a perfect trip that had met or exceeded our expectations in every possible way! We loved it from start to finish.


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