A day at sea (May 10, 2017)

Oh my gosh…we just keep getting lazier! Today we didn’t put our feet on the ground until 11:15! We had set our watches ahead an hour before turning out the lights last night, so really it was only 10:15. But still. This gave us very little time to get showered and dressed before meeting Hettie for the Peter the Great lecture at 12:30, which was very informative and well done.

Then lunch and a little free time and low and behold it was time for tea. Yum! A half hour after tea, our butler (you read that right) brought pre-happy hour treats to the room. I’m talking major snacks: a cheese plate, fruit plate, shrimp cocktail, and a tray with four little wells each with a different snack. Then happy hour with the gang followed by dinner in the dining room. Dan was so full from eating nonstop that he only had a salad and a cup of soup for dinner. I had a salad and half the vegetarian option. Sadly neither of us passed on dessert.

Update on the anniversary flowers: Cleone found out that no one knows who Ari is or who his flowers were intended for. No matter … very sorry … we can fix this. Translation: fresh flowers with a card from us were delivered today, so H&R are awash in blooms. Dan and I decided tonight was the perfect time to present them with the little gift we brought them from Budapest … sweet paprika. Our generosity made their hearts flutter. ;~}

Entertainment tonight was my favorite so far: Nick Page, a singer with a powerful voice who also played the piano and drums. We enjoyed each other’s  company over a hot beverage of our choice before heading to our rooms to get ready for tomorrow.



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