May Day, 2017

We slept straight through until 4:30 this morning! Then dozed off and on until the wake-up call at 7:30. Heaven! That is not to say I felt rested but better than yesterday and the day before, so we’re getting there.

After Dan headed to his meetings I went down to breakfast where I ran into wives from California, New Mexico, and Portugal. After lingering over coffee Robin and I joined them for a fun ladies day out.

May Day is a holiday here so loads of places were closed and the streets near the hotel were blocked off for a car show. By car show I mean race car lookalikes took turns roaring down the street to the delight of a big crowd. Think loud and showy with some spins and quick acceleration and deceleration just for fun. We ladies did not last long at the show since it held no appeal to us and was SO loud. But it was fun to see how it was set up.

We were happy to find St. Steven’s Basilica, named after the first king of Hungry, open to the public. It was pretty from the outside but nothing mind blowing. The inside was a different story however. Very well maintained and beautifully decorated. Per my tradition, I lit a candle for Josie’s Aunt Jerry.

From there we walked the streets in a random fashion eventually stopping for lunch at a cute place by the river. We ate outside and enjoyed the nice day. Before leaving we all headed to the restroom where we found large, cheerfully colored stock pots being used for sinks. Cute.

We strolled back to the hotel where we enjoyed a coffee and then headed to our rooms to freshen up for dinner at Nobu, a Japanese restaurant, that wowed us with a fabulous meal. The Alaskan black cod was my favorite of the seven courses. Dinners at Dan’s Agility conferences are always interesting from the standpoint of the people I chat with. They come from all over the world and have such interesting stories. The guy to my right tonight is a Californian who has lived with his family in Switzerland for the last four years. The Lebanese gentlemen to Dan’s left lives in Dubai and has a daughter working for Google and a son in college in Boston. The guy who was stuck with me last night is a duel Canadian and US citizen who lives in Houston and has a lake house in Minnesota. A Russian named Vladimir sat near to Dan.

We headed back to our room at 10:00 satisfied with our respective days, hoping for a good night’s sleep, and curious about whose brain we could pick tomorrow night at dinner.



4 thoughts on “May Day, 2017

  1. Look at you eating fish at night like Dad

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    PMP, ITIL Foundation, RCV, OSA, SOA, PPO
    Technology Team – Cox California
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