Day six: Labadee, Haiti (April 8)

Labadee? Where the heck is That? Just sail 320 nautical miles from Jamaica and pull up to a small peninsula on the northern coast of Haiti, and you’ll be there. Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. has leased the land until 2050 and created a tourist-oriented resort. The beautifully landscaped site is fenced and guarded by a private security force. It has a friendly Disney meets Caribbean vibe.

What to do was the question. We could choose from the world’s longest zip line over water, a large water park located in the ocean just off the beach, a looong fabulous slide, toboggan ride, kayaks, wave jets, parasailing. If it involves water, it’s pretty much there. We slugs decided to just soak up the ambiance and rent a private cabana. Period, that’s it. We had a wraparound sofa, two chaise lunges, beach mats to float on, towels, a cooler with water …and, drum roll … an attendant who brought us drinks on demand. We had a relaxing day to say the least.

As if our beverage packages had not been exercised enough, we were back on the ship to clean up for our usual cocktail hour followed by another four course meal and entertainment. Not Really Three Tenors had us mesmerized at day’s end. They are not really three tenors, in case you are wondering, because one of them is a baritone. They mixed it up with classics, crowd pleasers, and a big dose of humor that had the packed house on its feet asking for more.



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