Day six: at sea (February 19)

Out of bed at 10:00, yawn, stretch. Walked the promenade deck for 35 minutes before cleaning up to meet the gang for lunch. Played cards (hand and foot) with W&C all afternoon (Walter and I dominated) and then met for cocktails and dinner after freshening up. This is the life! For everyone but Hettie, that is. Her shingles flared up nicely from the heat yesterday, so she is very uncomfortable. ;~{

Seas are calm and the sun is out. Although we are heading south, the warm temperatures are holding, but when there’s a light breeze it’s a bit on the chilly side.

Tonight’s entertainment was put on by the Royal Caribbean Singers and Dancers and highlighted popular piano numbers over the years. Very upbeat and enjoyable but no match for the gauchos or the minimally clad violin player.


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