Adventure #16 … Memphis for Christmas (December 23-27)

Record breaking, unseasonably warm weather and sunshine at home and in Tennessee made for an uneventful, quick flight to Memphis. Deb picked us up at the airport and whisked us away to a Japanese restaurant for lunch. We enjoyed bentos which were a fun reminder of the years we all spent living in Japan. It’s where, in fact, I got to know Deb and where we became fast friends. She was in high school and I was a bride with three years of marriage under my belt. Japan was Dan’s first Army assignment after the Officers Basic Course; he was a second lieutenant. I digress.

With bellies full of tempura shrimp and giosas, we headed home to find  Deb had decorated the house from top to bottom with lights inside and out. Candy and goodies were within arm’s reach no matter where you sat, even in the bathroom. My idea of heaven.

Our stay was relaxing and fun from start to finish. Deb and Tom taught us a new game: Sequence. Girls against guys. Girls skunked guys 10 games to three. Boom. We also played one of the Mongeon standards, Hand and Foot. The in-laws (Tom/I) against the siblings (Deb/Dan). The in-laws ruled. Bam! Overconfident with two wins, I was not prepared to land at the bottom of the leader board when we all played Things with our friend Karen.

Food, something that always plays a prominent role in Mongeon get togethers, was a major player this weekends as well. Deb surprised us with breakfast in bed the first morning, made individual beef Wellingtons for Christmas dinner and salmon in foil pouches for our farewell dinner. Our choice of apple strudel, lemon cookies, and devil dogs topped off each meal.

A highlight was an amazing afternoon tea at Chez Philippe in the luxury downtown Peabody Hotel, an institution in Memphis since 1925. We arrived early enough to enjoy the gingerbread neighborhood, gigantic tree, beautiful lobby, and famous ducks that spend their days luxuriating in the lobby fountain.

As if treating us to afternoon tea was not enough, Deb and Tom surprised us with stockings and loads of Christmas gifts. An extra special gift was the watch Deb and Tom gave Dan. It was George’s last watch and had been cleaned and fitted with a new band.

Who could forget my birthday’s coming up? Not Deb and Tom, that’s for sure. After a made to order breakfast our last morning I was treated to a gift bag full of goodies. So thoughtful but not at all out of character.

With full bellies and birthday gifts in hand, we left for the airport. Seems the beautifully warm  weather we’d enjoyed was causing major weather disruptions in various places across the country which meant all sorts of travel delays. We were very lucky that our delay was only three and a half hours. A delicious barbecue lunch and a flat screen TV [think bowl games] made the time pass quickly.

Stick a fork in Christmas 2015!


4 thoughts on “Adventure #16 … Memphis for Christmas (December 23-27)

  1. Loved the blog Schele! Thank you for all your kind words! We loved, loved having you here for Christmas! Wishing you & Dan and SD folks a Happy New Year! Love you both tons!


  2. I love it. I was hoping to get a recap of your trip!!! Sounds like you had a blast.

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