Adventure #15 … road trip out West (October 9-25)

Although Mother, sneaking up on 93, was born in New Mexico she has always considered Colorado home. She moved there before she turned two; met and married our dad when she was a freshman in college; and waited out his deployments for WWII, the Korean Conflict, and the Vietnam War there. She and our dad, we always called him Jim, retired there after Jim’s career in the Air Force. Mother left her beloved Colorado a few years ago to live near Cyd, the oldest, and some say the best, of us three kids. Sad to say they might be on to something. ;-}

Dan, Cyd, and I took Mother on a road trip from Arkansas to Colorado two years ago, which we all enjoyed immensely. Earlier this year, much to our surprise, Mother requested an encore but this time with the additions of Salt Lake City and Tucson. Dan is unable to join us this time, so it will just be the three of us road warriors: Cyd, Mother, and me. Cyd is in charge of maps, the itinerary, and getting her van ready for a workout; I am in charge of hotel reservations, treats, and gifts for the great grands; and Mother is in charge of choosing who we visit and regaling us with her usual fun and funny stories of days gone by. We are all pumped!

I’m flying to Arkansas tomorrow noon to toss my stuff in Cyd’s van and be ready to roll Thursday morning. Let’s get this party started!


7 thoughts on “Adventure #15 … road trip out West (October 9-25)

  1. Sounds like a great rerun trip. So glad your Mother is up for the trip. You three will a ball. Safe travels. I am one that is reading your blogs. Did not get photos. Do you have to approve the stream to me. Can’t remember.

    Only 2 more adventures left. Can’t wait to hear about them. Also, I can’t access your photos. Do you have to invite me again? Loved keeping up on the Iceland trip. Happy travels with Cyd and you Mother.


  2. That sounds so fun! I can’t believe you leave Thursday after all your other traveling. But retirement only comes once! Try to convince her to add San Diego into the trip!!


  3. So fun!! I totally forgot the she was born in New Mexico

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