A day @ sea

Dan and I popped out of bed at 10:00 and eased our way into what promised to be a relaxing day. It did not disappoint. Fortified with Dramamine, we headed to lunch with Walter and Cleone. While the captain put us on a northwest heading into the North Atlantic we lazed away the afternoon. I got help with the Internet, explored the ship for the first time, and read [Paris Wife]. Dan walked the deck for a little fresh air, played electronic blackjack in the casino (he’s now up $50), napped, and read. Before long, by darn, it was time to meet the gang for happy hour followed by dinner. Alison Ward, reputed to having put the viva back in diva, sang her little heart out for our enjoyment before we went to our respective staterooms for the night.

Before calling it a day, we set our clocks back an hour knowing we’d be inside the Arctic Circle for a short time while we slept. One gets international bragging rights for that. Correct me if I am wrong.

Fun fact
The Arctic Circle fluctuates; it is not fixed. You heard it here first. Currently it is drifting northward at the breakneck speed of 49 feet per year resulting in a net fluctuation of 2 degrees latitude over a 40,000 year period.

The galley…

  • Fish: On average, 1,700 pounds are prepared on board each day. Three butchers clean and cut the fish before it is sent to the chefs.
  • On average 70,000 dishes and 21,500 glasses are washed a day

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