Greetings from Bergen

A two hour delay leaving England plus yesterday’s rough seas had us docked in Bergen, the old capital of Norway and Seattle’s sister city, around noon with all stomachs ship shape. Dan and I got up just in time to join the others for a burger before our respective tours started.

In a city that gets 90 inches of rain, who would expect anything but inclement weather? We lucked out totally with gray clouds that allowed the sun to peek in and out all afternoon. Dan and I enjoyed a walking tour of Bryggen, the charming old wooden city that sits on the waterfront [a UNESCO World Heritage Site]. Our guide was a young guy with a great sense of humor. He referred to McDonald’s as the American Embassy and told us how many American Embassies there are in Norway. We got a quick tutorial on trolls, wood nymphs, and cowgirls. Cowgirls? Little vixens of the woods who entice men to misbehave with them for which they get, much to their humiliation, a cow tail for one and all to see. He explained that Norway has a king and queen and that the currency is the Krone even though it’s a member of the European Union and could choose to use the Euro. Vikings had the last say for some 900 years and left their mark before cod became king.

From Bryggen we took a boat ride on the Hardangerfjord, the fourth largest fjord in the world. The scenery was beautiful with lots of small rocky islands with no buildings at all or low lying ones that often came right to the shore. We passed a couple of salmon farms. Needless to say everything was green and there were countless trees, lots were talllllll and as straight as telephone poles.

So, what exactly is a fjord you might ask. Per Walter, our resident expert, a glacier is a river made of ice. When the ice melts the resulting river is a fjord. Easy peasy.

We decided to grab a quick bite at the buffet last night and go to the early show, Neil Lockwood impersonating Elton John, with a great six piece combo backing him up, which was absolutely fabulous! Hettie left after three numbers, sadly, not feeling tiptop.

We set our clocks back an hour before we turned out the light.


2 thoughts on “Greetings from Bergen

  1. Bergen sounds cool

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