Free day in Dubrovnik

We enjoyed our lie-in this morning and managed to get to and from the breakfast buffet before it closed at 10:30. We did not recognize, nor were we tempted by, some of the offerings but are happy to report we made out well nonetheless. No beer or wine offered but the table next to ours did have champagne. Breakfast is served on a huge deck four stories above and overlooking the Adriatic. Wow! Who needs food you recognize or coffee to your liking in that setting?

We decided to take the cable car to the top of the hill near by to enjoy the beautiful views and to see the fort (built, oh by the way, by Napoleon) that was hugely responsible for Dubrovnik’s defenses during their Homeland War in 1991-1995. Dan went through the museum while I roamed around taking pictures. The thermometer said it was above 90 degrees (in the shade) and it felt like it.

We slowly strolled back to the hotel through Old Town stopping at a small church to light a candle for Josie’s Aunt Geri. We got back around 2:30 to cool down with a swim. How do you say ‘fricken freezin’ in Croatian? Dan even went into the sea which he insists was warmer than the ice box of a pool. We were cooled off and cleaned up for a quick get acquainted/orientation meeting at 7:00 followed by a delicious dinner in the hotel with our group of eight + our guide, Jasmina, from Slovenia. We will be traveling with: a Canadian couple from Calgary, our friends from Virginia, and a grandma-granddaughter duo from Kansas City and Ohio respectively.

Random tidbits: #1-Limestone is the prominent building material here. Very light in color with a cheerful, cool effect in the heat. #2-The western most part of the city drops right off into the crystal clear sea (like at our hotel) with steps into the water (or not), small harbors and bays, and small beaches in alcoves large and small. It’s debatable if the beaches we’ve seen are worthy of the setting, however, since they are a mixture of rock, stones, boulders, and sand. They are popular none the less. #3-We saw lots of cats today, some roaming lazily around and others sunning themselves. They all looked hale and hearty and are fed and cared for, we are told, by anyone and everyone. #4-Kuna is the currency. Some places take euros and credit cards also but small places do not. ATMs dispense only kunas, so we’ll have to be careful not to get too many since we’ll have no use for them by the end of the trip. #5-Did I mention the two topless sunbathers to my right down by the pool? I left it for last as a special treat for the loyal readers who make it all the way to the end. 🙂


5 thoughts on “Free day in Dubrovnik

  1. Yes I read it all! Including the topless sunbathers!! It would not be the first time you or Dan-o have seen that happen! The pictures are great…been sending them to Leni. Really enjoying your adventure through your blog Schele.


  2. Now, who does not enjoy a good cable car ride.

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