We made it as far as Munich

The 8-hour flight passed quickly … for me anyway. I watched a movie, ate half of what was offered, closed my eyes, and actually (miracles never cease) fell asleep. Dan ate and drank pretty much all that was offered, was too full to sleep, and only managed to doze a bit.

The approach in Munich is really beautiful from the air with countless fields in all possible shades of green. They are not laid out in a grid pattern but irregularily shaped, some long and thin, some short and wide, some with round edges, and some are even triangular shaped. Small and huge groves of trees grow randomly in this patchwork quilt of green with a river and small villages, farms, and neighborhoods flushing out the pretty scene. Our flight got in at 8:30 (2:30 am @ home).

We did not have boarding passes for our connecting flight on Lufthansa, so we solved that problem first. It took about an hour since there was a computer issue of some sort. Our flight landed a half hour late and the boarding pass issue took an hour leaving us five hours to kill. Dan used miles to upgrade our tickets which gave us access to the business class lounge, so we decided to check it out. Good plan. It is very nice with comfy seats, tables and chairs, a communal napping room, bar, and food. A typical German breakfast was laid out when we got here: cheese, cold cuts, pickled beets, fresh cucumber and tomatoes slices, and rolls of all sorts including soft German pretzels. For the traditionalists like me there were eggs, toast, yoghurt, fruit, and so forth. For those needing an attitude adjustment there were two beers on tap, wine, and a full bar. More than one traveler was enjoying the breakfast of champions when we got to the lounge at 9:30. I went the traditional route with eggs and Dan used no judgement whatsoever and had pickled beets, OJ, and licorice candies. I was feeling bad about my Nutella on a mini-croissant until I saw the licorice candy.

After breakfast Dan read, slowly slumped down in his chair, and is now purring (read: snoring softly) contentedly as I blog. The guy on my other side is working on his third glass of white wine.

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2 thoughts on “We made it as far as Munich

  1. It takes talent to make a breakfast stop amusing and entertaining. :). I’m enjoying this trip already.


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