Spanish Mother Day

We slept 16 hour! and did not leave the room until 1:00 this afternoon feeling like new people. The sky was clear with temps in the high 80s and a soft breeze. We decided to do the third city loop with the two-day pass we bought yesterday. The loop took us to the north and west and gave us an overview of life outside the city center. By the time we did this loop Dan needed to head back to the hotel and work on a brief and get ready for the reception tonight. He cabbed it back and I walked slowly taking pictures, having popcorn on the water, and arranging a tour for tomorrow.

Barcelona is really beautiful with wide, tree lined streets and generous sidewalks. There are no really tall buildings, so it’s very bright and not at all claustrophobic. I notice very little smoking for what that’s worth. Something I’ve not seen before are electric scooters, not of the mini-moped type but these are like skateboards with seats. They are driven on the sidewalks or bike paths, not on the street. There are zillions of balconies and more than a few of them have flags draped over the side. Another tidbit is there is a language in this part of Spain, Catalan, which is used in all public schools and local government business is conducted in it. Catalonians are bilingual, however, and move easily from their language to Spanish. We noticed all the signs at the airport were in three languages but we did not recognize the third one. Now we are in the know.

I made dinner out of some almonds and a snack bar I bought earlier and then showered, read, and got rested for my tour tomorrow. Not only is today Mothers Day (here), it is also the one month anniversary of my last day @ ASIS. Boom.


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