Not there yet

Funny story: I was chatting up a fellow passenger while we were waiting to board in Virginia. He was an Indian with a charming accent who explained he used to live in London, Africa, Florida, and is now in Northern Virginia. He mentioned that he’s on his way to Bombay for the second of four trips this year and really enjoys flying Lufthansa, the airline we were getting ready to board. Great food, efficient staff, on time departures and arrivals, etc. Then he mentioned that last time he flew he had diarrhea and could not eat or drink anything. A darn shame since it helps pass the time. I thought his cute accent got in the way because when, outside of a medical situation, does anyone reference diarrhea in a first conversation? As he continued with his narrative I realized he really was relaying a personal diarrhea tale of whoa. I tried my best to empathize with a straight face. There was luckily a happy ending since two connections later, he thought to ask a flight attendant for an anti-diarrheal. Phew!

Anyway, I digress. Our seven and a half hour flight went smoothly just as my new pal promised it would. We dozed a bit but basically got no sleep, per our usual. We arrived at 11:00 pm our time / 5:00 am German time. Dan and I just grabbed a small breakfast and will head to our connecting flight in 20 minutes.


One thought on “Not there yet

  1. So gkad you made it, funny story about that guy

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