Pre h’ordeuvres

While I was blogging, unpacking, and just getting organized in general for our two-night stay here, the other five Mongeons went for a stroll. They ended up at a small bar on the beach and decided to have a beer. Without thinking, they ordered six beers even though a) I was not with them and b) I never drink beer. I guess they thought that was a riot so they got busy (and rowdy) toasting ME. A large plate of snacks came with the beer and then from out of nowhere, it seemed, a plate of pizza from a wood fired oven materialized. Sure enough, they came back complaining they would not be able to eat dinner.

We met in the dining room for the aforementioned pesto how-to. The chef here made it from scratch with a mortar and pastle and offered us each samples before a welcome cocktail was served. Then the dinner buffet was opened. Sure enough, the five beer drinkers lined up with the rest of us. Local wine, both red and white, with dinner and  profiteroles with hot chocolate sauce for dessert with limoncello to wash it down. That’s where the fun began! Emily challenged Dan to toss his back. If he would, she would. BAM. I offered mine and Josie offered hers as back ups, so Dan challenged Emily. If she would, he would. BOOM. We were suddenly the rowdy ones Again. Josie has given Emily the handle Shot Daughter. From nowhere, at the end of the meal, YMCA came blaring from the speakers and the whole group had their hands in the air singing along.


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