I’m retired! … (April 3)

Yesterday was my last day at ASIS after a great 17.5 years. All last week was wonderful! Full of love and support. Each morning leading up to Friday I had a text from Matt, call from Cyd, and voicemail from Murphy wishing me well and cheering me on. Coworkes sent notes, stopped by to say goodbye, brought gifts, and emailed their good wishes. Yesterday morning Dan surprised me with a cute card and tickets to a production at the Kennedy Center this summer. My department went all out with a send off. After a great ‘five o’clock somewhere’ lunch there was a retirement reception in the main conference room. They left no stone unturned: beautiful flowers and decoration, fun as well as beautiful gifts, delicious cake and snacks, and a slideshow with pictures provided (behind my back) by Matt and Murphy. As if that were not enough, I went home to fun retirement themed gifts from Matt, Emily, Murphy, and Josie: a fun wine glass, coffee mug, sun glasses, book of retirement wisdom…you get the drift.

I leave ASIS with a happy heart and grateful for the support I recieved not just during this last amazing week, but for the six months I was in Customer Services, the five and a half years in Publishing, and the many years in Marketing. I’ve had a wonderful run and feel fortunate to take with me so many happy memories and friends who have promised to stay in touch.


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