Party Poopers

We were all party poopers last night, sad to say. The friends who were joining us for cards were sick and couldn’t come. I went to bed early not feeling so great; the guys watched football; Cleone watched TV in her bedroom. The party hats were untouched.

Dan and Walter stayed home allllllll day today to watch yet mooooore football. Yawn. Cleone, her daughter-in-law Sarah, and I went to the movie to see Wild which we really enjoyed. I got the book for Xmas, so I guess I’ve reversed the order and will read the book 2nd. I usually have no problem downing a large popcorn and a large drink, but my cold got the better of me, so my reputation is now at stake.

Cleone is making us a spiral ham dinner with scalloped potatoes. It smells delicious. Before we went to the movie she made Dan’s all time favorite dip…prairie fire. It’s made from pinto beans and provolone cheese. Jeff, Walter and Cleone’s son, Sarah, and their two children have joined us for dinner.


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